Designing your ceremony

Many couples choose specific and very personal rituals to include in their wedding ceremony. Sometimes there are very important words that they want included, or songs, or readings that mean something special to them as a couple or to their families. There are often important cultural rituals that couples will ask to have written into the ceremony. Perhaps they have found one on the web or have seen a certain ritual performed at a wedding that has in some way resonated with them and they want that included in their own ceremony. All of this is absolutely fine – so long as we include the legal requirements in your ceremony, you can have whatever words, music, readings, rituals and dance that you would like to make sure that your wedding ceremony is the one that you want, and one that you and your family and friends will remember.

I have included some examples of rituals that couples have chosen to include in their wedding ceremony. You may have one that is not here and I would love to learn about it, and talk about how we can include in your special day.